This company is Entertainment and Technology Consulting Company.

Its sole aim is to produce solutions on entertainment and technology.

About Us

We combine technology with entertainment.

We do all of our technological works with passion, enthusiasm and fun. At the beginning of the works we offer;

  • Application Development
  • Game Development
  • Web Development
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Enterprise-specific software development
  • Support and solutions at the end of every project

Our Services

What Service We Offer

Key services we offer and their summaries

IT Management

Security and data control are very important in information technologies. For this reason, we can offer you solutions to make the most accurate IT management software for your company or to prepare their infrastructure.

Game Development

We have had the opportunity to provide consultancy in development processes as well as in many game projects abroad. If you have Game development needs, we can produce various solutions for them.

Software Development

Indispensable Software Industry of today’s age is growing day by day. We have developed various software in this area. We take the modules that suit you and provide the most suitable software development consultancy for your company.

Data Analysis

We offer customized solutions for your company or for you on various AI technologies and Deep Learning systems for data analysis and assumption.

Data Security

If you cannot keep your data safe and are looking for a consultant company, we offer you consultancy in areas such as storage support and management support on various cloud services.

Cloud Computing

Cloud systems are becoming more common day by day. We also offer consultancy services on choosing and managing the most accurate Cloud Computing services for your company on various technologies in this field.